NEW Research Help

We are thankful that Peter Davids, who is an accomplished scholar and friend of this library, has volunteered to give patrons special help. Here are his own words about his new role.

"After more than 45 years experience as a pastor and professor of Biblical Studies and Spirituality, I am willing to offer assistance to library patrons at any level of experience who are trying to understand or explain a biblical or theological teaching, advice to those trying to research a topic, and guidance to those struggling with Greek, Hebrew, or Aramaic research. This is a free service out of my gratitude to Lanier Theological Library." He also added, "I have special interest and qualification in family systems/church systems and homiletics which I have taught and continue to practice on a daily basis. I could also add writing, with my experience both as author and editor."

Peter will use the front workroom upstairs in the east wing and thinks he'll be here about 20 hours a week. You can schedule an appointment with him by email, not through LTL staff. His email address is

Click HERE to read more about Peter Davids.

Here are some more helpful guidelines.

1) Can't find a book in the catalog?

  • Try searching the author's last name with a key word or two from the title.
  • Accuracy: Search for the book on Google or Amazon to be sure you are spelling everything correctly. Our library catalog search will not give you any results if any word is misspelled.
  • Broad: For general searches, use broad terms. It might be helpful to consult Wikipedia for relevant key words related to your research area.

2) The book is missing from the shelf?

  • The book may be part of one of our Private Collections, most of which are in the Main Hall. Check in the library catalog to see if a book is in one of these. To do this, click on the arrow to the right of the book entry and then click on the word "Copies" at the bottom. Books in private collections will have the name of the collection under the “Loc1--Loc2” column. Use a map to locate the private collection and then use the Library of Congress call number to locate the book within that collection. If there’s nothing under location, then it is in the main collection.
  • Some of our books are too large to "stand" on the shelves and must be placed on a lower shelf in a different position. In this case you should find a laminated sheet where the  book would go if it were smaller, telling you to find it on a nearby lower shelf. Please leave the laminated sheet where it is, but find the book where it directs you.
  • The book may be on a cart waiting to be re-shelved or someone else may have it on the "Reserved" shelves. Ask a library staff member to help you search in these two places.
  • Our staff members have other resources they use to locate books. Ask them for help!

3) Can't find a journal?

  • Be sure that you have looked at our journals list to see what journals we have. Printed journals are located in the journals room and in some private collections. Online access to journals is available by using JSTOR and Galaxie software.
  • Click here to email us a specific question about journals.

Email Us Your Research Questions

Click here to email our head librarian, Sharon Cofran, with a research question.

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