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Photography Policy

Revised Guidelines for 2022

We receive numerous requests each week for personal special occasions, but photo sessions are not consistent with our purpose and mission as a private foundation and a theological library. To comply with IRS regulations for a non-profit, the committee only approves a very limited number of the multiple requests we receive to minimize the impact to the LTL’s schedule of events and our patrons. 

In order to protect the atmosphere and mission of our library, the following guidelines apply IF exceptions are made for photography, including both personal use and the use of professional photographers. 

  1. A limited number of one-hour sessions are available Monday through Friday, 9:00am-5:00pm, by appointment only. Written confirmation of the appointment is required. 
  2. There is a mandatory location fee of $100 for photography sessions.*
  3. No additional lighting equipment, props or music may be used.
  4. Any of the building exteriors may be used as a backdrop for photos.   
  5. NO photo sessions, amateur or professional, are allowed INSIDE the library, chapel or cottages.   
  6. Photography must accommodate and work around the normal functioning of the library facilities, grounds and staff.
  7. Photographs posted online, on any social media, or in any advertising or promotional material, may NOT include the LTL name or location.

 If you have received approval, once you arrive, please go to the office with your written confirmation. You will be given a lanyard that identifies that you have received permission. Wear this while on the property and return it to the office after your session.  

*The Lanier Theological Library is owned and operated by the Lanier Foundation, a 501(c)(3), non-profit, private operating foundation, and conforms to IRS regulations regarding its use by other than non-profit entities or individuals. 


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