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Episode 186 “Surprised by Oxford” with Carolyn Weber

Episode 186 Surprised by Oxford with Carolyn Weber

Carolyn Weber is a unique woman.  A portion of her life was made into a feature length film.  It is titled Surprised by Oxford after her book of the same name published by Thomas Nelson.  Links are below.

Dr. Carolyn Weber joined David Capes on The Stone Chapel Podcast.

Who Is Carolyn Weber?

Carolyn is originally from Canada, but she and her husband, Kent, children, chickens, and dogs live near Nashville TN.  She grew up nominally Catholic but describes herself before college as “agnostic.” 

Dr. Weber went on to earn an MPhil and DPhil at Oxford, specializing in English literature.  She also went on to fall in love and by the end of her first year at Oxford, she became a follower of Jesus.

Carolyn was helped along the way by the fellow she would marry, Kent, and by numerous other students, staff, and faculty at Oxford.  C. S. Lewis and his writings became a mainstay for her as she transitioned to faith.

Today, Carolyn teaches at a Christian classical school, New College in Franklin Tennessee.  She comes to that position with quite an academic pedigree.

Surprised by Oxford

Surprised by Oxford is a memoir of one year in Carolyn Weber’s life.  The book is thoughtfully organized according to the academic calendar of Oxford. 

It is beautifully written and carefully presented.  Like C. S. Lewis, Carolyn was a “reluctant convert.”  She came kicking and screaming into the family.  But it was those conversations, those friendships, those relationships that became key.

In this podcast Carolyn deals with the big picture of that year.  So many more details await you in the book or in the movie.  Or both!  You will enjoy this podcast.


Here is a link to her book Surprised by Oxford.

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