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Episode 184 “Time Has Come Today” with Jack Wisdom

Episode 184 “Time Has Come Today” with Jack Wisdom

Jack Wisdom and David Capes have been friends for a number of years.  They were elders together for a while of a downtown Houston Church.  Jack is a devoted Christian, whose life has taken a hard turn in the last year.  Perhaps more about that another time.  He stopped by the Lanier Theological Library and joined David Capes on the Stone Chapel Podcasts.

Who Is Jack Wisdom?

Jack is a successful trial attorney who has lived in Texas for many years.  His practice centers on labor law. He was a Dallas police officer before he and his wife, Diana, moved to Massachusetts so he could study at Gordon Conwell Seminary.  He studied under some of the greats there. 

For decade Jack and his wife worked in Young Life.  He’s responsible for training, evangelizing, and bringing order to disordered teenage lives.  Now he is the author of 3 books, all of which deserve reading.

“Time Has Come Today” 

Time Has Come Today is the third book Jack Wisdom has written.  They are definitely worth reading, because they are written by a person who knows whereof he speaks.  He has studied well, works in the original languages, and combines good communication, writing, and humor.  His chapters are short, as are his books. 

Taking his cue from Texas singer-songwriter, Robert Earl Keen, Jack makes a case that each moment we live is a gift from God.  It can either be wasted by slacking off or by keeping yourself too busy.  We decide daily, by the hour, by the moment, how to live. 

We have an adversarial relationship with time because of the fall. For most people, time is an endless succession of years, months, weeks, days and hour.  Much of that without significance.  But we can and ought to live in matters where this day, today, matters.  Something great, important, life-changing can happen today.

Watch particularly for Wisdom’s distinction between two Greek words for time: chronos and kairos. 

More Resources

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Time Has Come Today: Time, Eternity, and the Life of Joyful Urgency


Get Low: Reflections on Pride and Humility


 Breaking Good: Repentence as a Way of Life

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