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Lecture by Andrew Macintosh - February 24, 2018
Problems and Solutions in Translating the Psalms

Lecture by John Piper - November 11, 2017
Was Jonathan Edwards a Christian Hedonist?

Lecture by David Jeffrey - October 7, 2017
Interpreting the Bible in Art: Rembrandt's Bathsheba

Lecture by Tremper Longman III - September 16, 2017
God is a Warrior

Lecture by N. T. Wright – March 25, 2017
Discerning the Dawn: Knowing God in the New Creation

Lecture by Alister McGrath – February 4, 2017
The Big Questions: Richard Dawkins Versus C. S. Lewis on the Meaning of Life

Lecture by Michael Card – October 29, 2016
Four Portraits of Jesus

Lecture by Larry Hurtado – September 10, 2016
A New and Mischievous Superstition: Early Christianity in the Roman World

Lecture by Simon Gathercole – May 7, 2016
The Journeys of Jesus and Jewish Geography

Lecture by Joseph Shulam – April 2, 2016
Simply Paul: Who is He and Who are His Opponents?

Lecture by Michael Bird – February 6, 2016
An Invasive Story: Paul’s Theology Between Messianic Event and Salvation-History

Lecture by Peter Williams - October 30, 2015
Does the Bible Support Slavery?

Lecture by Lynn Cohick - September 12, 2015
"We are the Circumcision" Philippians 3 and the Christian Life

Lecture by Richard Hays - May 23, 2015
Did Moses Write about Jesus?: The Challenges of Figural Reading

Lecture by Dennis Danielson - February 28, 2015
Milton's Paradise Lost: Epic Lessons in How to Avoid Idolatry

Lecture by Benjamin Scolnic - January 17, 2015
The Book of Daniel and the Nature of Biblical Truth

Lecture by Steven Notley - October 25, 2014
“Between the Chairs” New Testament Evidence for the Hebrew Jesus Spoke

Lecture by Mark Movsesian - September 6, 2014
Religious Freedom for Mideast Christians, Yesterday and Today

Lecture by Mark Lanier - August 2, 2014
Christianity on Trial

Lecture by Harvey Floyd - June 7, 2014
Grace and Faith

Lecture by N.T. Wright - March 2014
How Paul Invented Christian Theology

Lecture by James Hoffmeier and Stephen Moshier - January 18, 2014
Moses Did Not Sleep Here! A Critical Look at Some Sensational Exodus and Mt. Sinai Theories

Lecture by Richard Bauckham - November 6, 2013
Divine and Human Community in the Gospel of John

Lecture by Udo Middelmann - October 5, 2013
The Innocence of God

Lecture by D. A. Carson - April 27, 2013
Going Beyond Cliches: Christian Reflection on Suffering and Evil

Lecture by Alister McGrath - March 23, 2013
C.S. Lewis and the Post Modern Generation: His Message 50 Years Later

Lecture by Paige Patterson - January 19, 2013
The Expectation of the Reign of Christ on a Millennial Earth

Lecture by Alan Millard - November 3, 2012
Did Moses Know the Alphabet? Was There Writing in Ancient Israel?

Lecture by Simon Gathercole - September 8, 2012
Did We Get Jesus Right? Jesus in the Canonical and Apocryphal Gospels

Lecture by Peter Williams - April 7, 2012
Things Which Ought To Be Better Known About the Resurrection of Jesus

Lecture by Sy Gitin — March 12, 2012
Ekron of the Philistines: From Sea Peoples to Olive Oil Industrialists

Lecture by John Monson — February 11, 2012
Physical Theology: The Bible in its Land, Time and Culture

Lecture by Edward Fudge – September 24, 2011
The Fire That Consumes: A Biblical and Historical Study of the Doctrine of Final Punishment

Lecture by James Hoffmeier – May 21, 2011
The Exodus In Light Of Recent Archaeological And Geological Work In North Sinai

Lecture by Weston Fields – April 16, 2011
Dead Sea Scrolls: The Significance of the Latest Developments

Lecture by Peter Williams – March 5, 2011
New Evidences the Gospels were Based on Eyewitness Accounts

Lecture by Alister McGrath – December 11, 2010
The Lord Is My Light: How the Christian Faith Makes Sense Of Things

Lecture by Father Justin from St. Catherine's Monastery, Mount Sinai – November 6, 2010
St. Catherine’s Monastery: An Ark In The Wilderness


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