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Episode 182 Conquerors Not Captives with Joey Dodson

Episode 182 Conquerors Not Captives with Joey Dodson

Dr. Joey Dodson is a good friend and a former student of mine. He was traveling through Houston and I grabbed him, forced him to each lunch, and asked him to be a part of this podcast.

Who Is Joey Dodson?

Joey Dodson is the Craig L. Blomberg Chair of New Testament at Denver Seminary.  He married his first-grade sweetheart . . . seriously.  They have five children, two grandchildren and one grandchild on the way. 

Dodson attended Ouachita Baptist University, and then came to Houston where he studied under David Capes at Houston Baptist University. 

He then moved overseas to do his PhD at the University of Aberdeen with Simon Gathercole and Francis Watson.  From there he studied at the University of Tubingen.

After his PhD Dodson taught for a time at Houston Baptist University.  Later at Ouachita Baptist University.  For the last five years he and his family have made their home in Denver where Joey learned the secret to contentment: move to Colorado.  He loves hiking and the outdoors. 

Conquerors Not Captives

Conquerors Not Captives: Reframing Romans 7 for the Christian Life (Lexham, 2024) is Joey Dodson’s latest book. He co-wrote it with his daughter, Mattie Mae Motl.  It’s part of a series by Lexham Press whose goal is to take what is standard in the academy to the church.

His basic argument is that we must read Romans 7 in context, thus as part of Romans 6-8.  It must not be read in isolation. 

Nor should it be read over against our experience.  It’s Exegesis not Narci-gesis.  Accordingly, the “I” of Romans 7 is not the normative Christian Life.

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