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Darlene Hedstrom Listening Guide


Lecture Listening Guides

by Dr. David Capes

Listening Guide- Lanier Theological Library

Lecturer: Darlene Hedstrom

Title: The Search for Early Christians Egypt: Archeology and the Treasures of the Desert

Created by: Emma Abernathy

For: Dr. Capes with LTL Internship


  1. What are the two questions Dr. Hedstrom forms her lecture around?


  1. What are the two challenges in the endeavor to answer these questions?


  1. What is the common myth about monks that is harmful to the study of

early Christianity?


  1. Fragments of what gospel text were found in Oxyrhynchus, Egypt? What is the earliest

fragment of the New Testament we have from Egypt?


  1. How was an extensive amount of archaeological evidence of early Christianity in Egypt

lost? Where did it go?


  1. What questions do archeologists ask in order to get into the shoes of those who lived in



  1. In Egypt what cult did most converts to Christianity leave in Egypt in the first two centuries?

Why might this be important to know?


  1. What are the three practical indicators that help identifying the growing movement of

Christian conversions in Egypt in the third century?


  1. Why does Dr. Hedstrom think it is important to display artifacts like socks and shoes? Do

you agree that this is important?


  1. What fourth century biography ignited a vast interest in monastic communities? Who

wrote this biography? Why was this work of literature important at that time?


  1. What percentage of the population had Christian names at the beginning and end of the

Fourth Century? Why is this important?


  1. Where was the earliest church in Egypt discovered? What is it like?


  1. What is the primary difference between how Christianity was perceived in the Fourth and

Fifth Centuries?


  1. What became the largest center for Christian pilgrimage in the world outside of

Jerusalem during the fifth century? What was the token souvenir from this site?


  1. What was the major Fifth Century architectural advancement within Christian

communities in Egypt? Why were these important?


  1. Why did monks in the Sixth Century wear special clothing, such as hoods?


  1. How were the monastic spaces of the sixth century decorated? What was the purpose of

these decorations?