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  • Collecting Early Christian Letters: From the Apostle Paul to Late Antiquity by Bronwen Neil.
  • Dealing with Doubt by Gary Habermas.
  • Jerusalem: City of the Great King by R. Steven Notley.
  • Language and Society in the Greek and Roman Worlds (Key Themes in Ancient History) by James Clackson.
  • Religion and Ideology in Assyria (Studies in Ancient Near Eastern Records) by Beate Pongratz-Leisten.
  • The Risen Jesus and Future Hope by Gary Habermas.
  • The Splintered Divine (Studies in Ancient Near Eastern Records) by Spencer L. Allen.
  • Texts and Contexts (Studies in Ancient Near Eastern Records) by Paul Delnero.
  • Understanding the Boat from the Time of Jesus: Galilean Seafaring by Shelley Wachsmann.
  • Understanding the Life of Jesus: An Introductory Atlas by Michael Avi-Yonah.