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Paul Copan at Lubbock Christian

Lubbock Christian University hosted its tenth annual lecture in partnership with the Lanier Theological Library featuring renowned scholar, author, and lecturer Dr. Paul Copan with a presentation entitled, “Re-Enchanting Our Secular World: Living as Though God Really Exists.”

The event, sponsored by FirstBank & Trust, invited guests to a Q&A dinner with Dr. Copan in the Baker Conference Center before transitioning to the main lecture in the Talkington Center for Nursing Education. Dr. Copan’s presentation sought to demonstrate how a life of faith should bring the magic back into a culture that seems increasingly disillusioned.

“We live in a world where science increasingly ‘explains’ everything and where the significance of human personhood and the place of mystery are swallowed up by technology. How does the gospel help ‘re-enchant’ our world?”

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