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The LTL committee is happy to consider your photography request! Please read carefully through our policies.

  1. One-hour sessions are available on a limited basis, by appointment only.
  2. There is a mandatory location fee for professional photographers of $100.*
  3. No additional light equipment, props, or music may be used.
  4. An LTL staff member or volunteer will accompany each session.
  5. NO professional photographs may be taken inside the library.
  6. Photography must accommodate and work around the normal function of the library facilities, grounds, and staff.
  7. Photographs posted online, on any social media, or in an advertising or promotional material, may NOT include the LTL name or location.

Please fill out the form below. The committee will make a decision and provide an answer within 5 business days.

The form has instructions for the payment.

Please be aware, the LTL and grounds are undergoing significant renovation and new construction. The chapel is closed and most of the grounds have construction crews and equipment.

*The Lanier Theological Library is owned and operated by the Lanier Foundation, a 501(c)(3), non-profit, private operating foundation, and conforms to IRS regulations regarding its use by other than non-profit entities or individuals.

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