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Episode 111 The Hebrew Prophets with Danny Carroll

Danny Carroll is an expert in the Hebrew Prophets.  He’s thought deeply and written significantly about them for years. 

In this podcast he discusses his new book, The Lord Roars: Recovering the Prophetic Voice for Today.

Danny Carroll Rodas is an Old Testament ethicist who serves as the Scripture Press Ministries Professor of Biblical Studies and Pedagogy at Wheaton College and Graduate School in Wheaton.

He has been to the Lanier Theological Library on a couple of occasions, most recently to give a lecture in Spanish to members of our community. You can watch the lecture here.

In today’s podcast Dr. Carroll R. discusses the work of three Old Tesatament prophets: Isaiah, Amos, and Micah. He does an artful job explaining the history, culture, and poetry behind these prophets whose oracles were recorded a brief time after they were delivered.  

The words of the Lord came to Hebrew prophets in their day but they continue to speak in ours. 

Among other things, the Hebrew prophets were cultural critics in their time and can be in ours when our values and practices violate the decent and reasonable laws of God. 

Questions emerge today about immigration, the environment, and our polarized rhetoric and politics.  Does God have anything to say on these challenging topics.

Here is what Dennis Edwards of North Park Theological Seminary said about the book:

“Perhaps some of us employ the adjective prophetic hastily or uncritically, but many more of us are reluctant to heed the words of prophets–even the prophets identified in the Bible.

Carroll demonstrates why and how biblical prophets speak to a myriad of social issues, including many that we presently face. His rigorous exegesis, historical analysis, and cultural awareness converge to give Bible readers a better understanding of Scripture’s prophetic tradition and how it applies right now.”

Danny joined us on the podcast a few months ago to discuss the Bible and immigration. Click here to listen to the podcast.

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