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Episode 120 Electric Jesus with Chris White

Episode 120 Electric Jesus with Chris White

“Electric Jesus” is a movie directed by Chris White, a filmmaker (screenwriter and director) who makes his home in sunny South Carolina. 

It is a funny, moving adventure, a nostalgic look at the place of contemporary Christian music in the 1980s (released Nov 2021). 

Who is Chris White?

Chris is a Gen-Xer who earned a degree in theater from Furman University.  He has been creating stories and telling stories his entire life.

He is married to Emily, and they have three children who are in their 20s.  Chris and Emily work together to develop film projects, mostly in the genre of narrative feature. 

Art has a way of speaking into our lives.  It can communicate truth and worldview in unique ways.  Filmmakers are some of the story tellers of our time. 

Chris and Emily do not always make faith-based films, but their faith makes it into their films. 

The Movie Electric Jesus

“Electric Jesus” is a coming-of-age rock ‘n’ roll story of a Christian band known as “3:16” (after John 3:16).  The young men in the band are not sinister, stupid, or superheroes.  They are talented teenagers, goofy and weird, rough around the edges. Here’s more about the movie.

Jesus Music

“Jesus music,” as it was known in the early days, was centralized in southern California.  Converted hippies had their guitars and drums. 

Music was a natural outgrowth of that movement.  Often the music they created was edgy, but the gospel reshaped the lyrical content of their songs.  By the 1980s contemporary Christian music had become an industry in itself. 

Interestingly, rock ‘n’ roll is an outgrowth of blues, gospel, and jazz.  Sister Rosetta Tharpe, an African American guitarist and performer, was one of its pioneers.

Chris and Emily are on to their next project, a film about making peace with your past.  Something we all need to do. 

We’re grateful to Chris for stopping by to talk about his art and his films.  We look forward to seeing what they come up with next.

Look for “Electric Jesus” on a variety of streaming services.  And share it with a friend. 

More about Chris

Stick around for a nugget of wisdom from Chris at the end of the podcast. 

Read about Chris and Electric Jesus on IMDb here.

Follow him on Twitter here.

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