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Episode 155 AWKNG School of Theology with Karla Adcox

Episode 155 AWKNG School of Theology with Karla Adcox

Recently David Capes taught a course for the AWKNG School of Theology

While in Jacksonville, he sat down with Karla Adcox to talk about the history and mission of the school.  In a few short years they have created some quality courses digging deeply in the Scriptures, and today they have an impressive number of students.

Who is Karla Adcox?

Karla Adcox is the President and CEO of AWKNG School of Theology.  She’s served in ministry for 17 years, but she’s always been hard-wired for business. She’s a mom, a wife, and she works with their family business as an interior designer.

What is the AWKNG School of Theology? 

The AWKNG School of Theology started in 2019 and held its first class in spring 2020.  That was the year the COVID pandemic started, and it changed the business model and delivery model radically. 

Dr. Michael Heiser founded the school.  Tragically, he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer about this same time.  Also, his provost Dr. John Phelps was diagnosed with another form of cancer. 

Unfortunately, Dr. Heiser died in February 2023 after a long fight.  But even in the midst of his treatments he kept creating content and working to add courses to the menu of offerings. 

Karla tells a touching story of how deeply he remained engaged despite the damage the cancer was doing to his body.  He had this clever idea of putting “Seminary on a Flash Drive.” 

What is the mission of AWKNG School of Theology?

The mission of the AWKNG School of Theology is to awaken Christians to a deeper understanding of the Bible. 

They would like to bridge the gaps between the academy and the church.  And they make getting an education as easy and inexpensive as possible.  They are creating certificates with some of their courses. 

Those courses are being taken by nearly 2000 students around the world, many in the majority world.  And they are growing quickly.


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