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Episode 161 The Jesus Revolution in Nashville

Episode 161 The Jesus Revolution in Nashville

David Capes and Travis Mulder from the Lanier Theological Library recently traveled to Nashville to sit in on a filming session of Don Finto by filmmaker, Terry Benedict, and Gary Glover. 

This filming is part of a project sponsored by friends of Don Finto to commit their former pastor’s life and sermons to film and digital audio. 

During lunch, Terry and Gary sat down with David to talk about the Don Finto Project.

Who are Terry Benedict and Gary Glover?

Terry is a filmmaker from Los Angeles.  He’s known best for the documentary The Conscientious Objector. This documentary became the basis of the Academy Award winning film Hacksaw Ridge

Gary Glover and his wife have been magazine publishers in Nashville for many years.  He has an online company called SongWriting University ( 

This company allows anyone in the world to be teamed up online with a Nashville songwriter to write a song.

Gary grew up in Nashville and attended Lipscomb College (now Lipscomb University).  This is where he came under the teaching of Don Finto. 

So extraordinary were his accomplishments that nearly 50 years later, other students of Don have teamed up to commit his life, ideas, and sermons to an archive of resources.

The Jesus Revolution & Don Finto?

Don Finto was and continues to be one of the most influential pastors of his day.  His church, Belmont Church, is located on Music Row in Nashville. 

In the 1970s, 80s, and 90s he and his congregation experienced the Jesus Revolution in Nashville. This was the same time when pastor Chuck Smith and Calvary Chapel experienced this spiritual phenomenon.

It’s not too much to say that much of the contemporary Christian movement was birthed at Belmont Church under the leadership of Don Finto. Artists such as Amy Grant and Michael W. Smith launched their careers there in the heart of Music City. 

Finto’s influence did not stop in America.  He treks all around the world with the gospel message and the heart filled with grace. Even in his 90s, Finto tells people half his age to “finish well.” 

What is the Finto Project?

The Don Finto Project begins with recording in high definition the words and stories of Don Finto “in his own words.”

Students and friends of Finto including Mark Lanier and Gov. Bill Lee (Tennessee) are sharing their insights. In the next phase, Terry Benedict will produce a 90-100 minute documentary on Finto’s life. 

In addition, Don’s sermons and writings are being collected to create an archive about Don’s legacy.  These will be include in an online digital archive available for generations to come.   

You can read a transcript of this podcast here.

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