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Episode 165 Scripture Alone with Ben Witherington

Episode 165 Scripture Alone with Ben Witherington

Ben Witherington’s new book is Solo Scriptura: Scripture’s Final Authority in the Modern World. It was published by Baylor University Press. And the ‘Big Idea’ of the book is that the Bible has been the final authority for the church from the beginning, and through all of church history and on to today. 

Who is Ben Witherington?

He is the Amos Professor of New Testament for doctoral studies at Asbury Theological Seminary. And he’s been teaching there for the last 28 years.

Today on The Stone Chapel Podcast we talked to Ben Witherington. We learn about his educational journey that took him to many unexpected places. He learned from some of the great theological educators.

And he gives us insight into his new book and it’s impact on today’s world.

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