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Episode 166 AI and the Future of Humanity with John Lennox

Episode 166 AI and the Future of Humanity with John Lennox

In October 2023, John Lennox gave the 3rd annual John Warwick Montgomery Lecture in Evidential Apologetics at the Lanier Theological Library in Houston. Watch the lecture by clicking on the link to our YouTube channel below.

His topic was 2084: Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Humanity.  Today, in Houston he sits down with David Capes for an episode of The Stone Chapel Podcasts.

Who is John Lennox?

John Lennox is retired as Professor of Mathematics from Green Templeton College in Oxford.  In addition to his scientific expertise he is a skilled Christian apologist. 

He travels and lectures on college and university campuses all over the world.  Just google John and you will see he has debated some of the most significant atheists of our generation. 

In retirement he continues to research, think, speak, and write.  He and his wife Sally make their home a few miles north of Oxford, not far from Yarnton.

AI and the Future of Humanity 

Recent years have witnessed rapid advances in artificial intelligence.  Many futurists, entrepreneurs, and government officials are concerned that rampant artificial intelligence could do massive harm to lives and cultures around the planet.  Already, people are losing their jobs to artificial intelligence and there are not enough retraining options.

Moreover, the rapid advances in AI have outpaced any sort of ethical, moral, or legal reasoning on the topic. 

John Lennox tackles this tough topic and explains many unknown aspects of AI for lay people.  He does sound an alarm about its harmful potential, but he also sees it as benefiting humanity in some ways.


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