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Episode 167 Mary’s Voice: Advent Readings with Amy Orr-Ewing

Episode 167 Mary’s Voice, an Advent Reader, with Amy Orr-Ewing 

Amy Orr-Ewing is on a book tour across the USA regarding her new book, Mary’s Voice: Advent Reflections to Contemplate the Coming of Christ. She joined us at the Lanier Theological Library during the lecture weekend featuring Ed Stetzer (10-12 November 2023). 

While here, she joined David Capes to speak to a group of scholars and friends about her book. We created a podcast for the Stone Chapel Podcasts from the first half hour of the conversation.

Who Is Amy Orr-Ewing?

Amy is a British theologian, speaker, and author who lives with her husband, an Anglican minister, not far from London.  She did her DPhil at the University of Oxford in theology at Christ’s College

Amy lectures all over the world and writes on the trustworthiness of Scripture, the problem of suffering, and other topics. 

Mark Lanier heard her speak at the Parliamentary Prayer Breakfast in London in 2023 and wanted her to come and speak at the library.  She is scheduled to return in September 2024 as a featured lecturer.

Mary’s Voice

Mary’s Voice is a Christmas devotional for the Advent Season.  Dr. Orr-Ewing wanted to amplify Mary, the mother of Jesus, as a key witness to the incarnation. 

Too often Protestants ignore Mary because some others appear to elevate her too highly.   The net effect is that she is side-lined. 

But women are key witnesses to both the incarnation and the resurrection, two key doctrines of the Christian faith.  In fact, without these women as witnesses, we’d know little of them.  Amy wants us to hear afresh the voice of Mary. 

The book includes elegant prose and insightful commentary.  It also includes model prayers and beautiful art depicting aspects of the incarnation. You will want this to be your next Advent devotional. 

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