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Episode 168 Righteous AI with Gretchen Huizinga

Episode 168 Righteous AI with Gretchen Huizinga

Dr. Gretchen Huizinga joins us on The Stone Chapel Podcast to talk about an area of interest to her and many others. She has worked in the developing area of AI, artificial intelligence, for some time.

Dr. Huisinga was at the Lanier Theological Library to participate in a panel discussion as part of our lecture weekend on the subject of AI. You can find the link to watch the panel below.

Gretchen recently finished a PhD at the University of Washington. And the title of her dissertation was Righteous AI, the Christian Voice in the AI Ethics Conversation.

Her background is varied and includes being an English teacher, working in media production, and serving as a podcast host.

What is Righteous AI?

Dr. Huizinga tells us that people have written and spoken on the benefits of AI technology and the vision that it is part of the redemptive work of Christ.

Tech companies are working to establish ethical guidelines for the use of AI but the work is in its infancy. Some companies call it AI for good, Responsible AI or Ethical AI. But the big idea is to determine how we frame AI systems that are benevolent, beneficent, robust, but still good.

Gretchen has coined the term Righteous AI as a way to view this type of beneficial AI through the Christian lens and through the nature of God.

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