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Episode 192 “Wise Church Planting” with Dan Steel

Episode 192 Wise Church Planting with Dan Steel

Dan Steel lives in East Oxford, but he was in Houston recently to talk with various people in the Church Planting Network. 

While he was in Houston, he met David Capes and David invited him to be on the podcast to talk about his new book.

Who Is Dan Steel?

Dan is the ministry program director at Yarnton Manor, the Lanier project four miles north of Oxford.  It is his first time on The Stone Chapel Podcasts. 

He is originally from Oxford and has been in pastoral work, specifically church planting for years.  Dan has learned a thing or two about church planting, the right and wrong ways to approach. 

As a church planter and pastor, he has seen a bit of everything.  God placed it on his heart to write his new book, Wise Church Planting.

Wise Church Planting

Steel’s recent book is about the pitfalls ahead for those who are brave enough to plant a church anywhere in the world.  He used his marketing skills to pull together and analyze the major threats confronting church planters. 

He surveyed people from 27 countries, so these are not just pitfalls for western countries.  They are world-wide.

In this podcast (22 minutes), he gives a brief overview of the book and offers a summary of some of the issues faced by church planters.  Some of these are issues are related to the leaders and the groups itself (internal factors). Others have to do with external pressures and how to negotiate them. 

If you are a church planter or are interested in church planting, you want to hear this podcast.  And if you’re thinking of starting a church, this is a book you need to read.  There is wisdom here.


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