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TSC 048 Carmen Imes, Bearing God’s Name: Why Sinai Still Matters

The Stone Chapel Podcasts

Hosted by David Capes

Carmen Imes

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Carmen Imes, Bearing God's Name: Why Sinai Still Matters

Dr. Carmen Joy Imes, Associate Professor of Old Testament at Prairie College in Alberta, Canada, joins David Capes to talk about her book, Bearing God's Name: Why Sinai Still Matters (InterVarsity Press, 2019). While some Christian leaders want to disconnect from the Old Testament law, Dr. Imes thinks is it indispensable that we get back to Sinai in order to understand what God has been up to all along.  Without understanding Israel's mission, we may miss our own.  Particularly, she makes a convincing case for what it means "to take the Lord's name in vain."  The story of Israel is the wilderness at Sinai is not ancient.  If we take it seriously, it is our story too.






The Stone Chapel Podcasts

The Stone Chapel Podcasts

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