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NEW IN ’22!!! Important News and Updates for our Patrons!

Growing pains often mean change! And my goodness, have we grown! Our vision has expanded, which is evident in all of the construction you’ve seen over the last several months. We wanted to share news and updates with you.


Yes, its been difficult. We KNOW! Our parking pond is complete and the grass is growing! 

The LTL’s growing pains have included finding places for our visitors and patrons to park. The parking pond has lighted stairs and safe exit and entry, given cooperating weather. 

Check our website prior to all events or visits to get the latest news on directions and parking. 

Don’t worry, we have more parking fixes in the works!

Another night!

NEW Hours.

We are discontinuing Saturday Reserved Study, 

we will be open BOTH Monday and Tuesday nights until 9.  

So the official hours are:
Monday and Tuesday  
9 am to 9 pm
Wednesday – Friday 
9 am to 5 pm.

New Food Policy

We love all beings, but we’d rather not have the non-human guests scurrying around our books and artifacts! 

(We imagine you don’t either.) 

Thank you for working with us on our remedy. Please do not bring food into the library. 

We do hope you enjoy lunch or snacks on the tables and benches outside. 

SECRET NEWS: When the new education building is completed, we will be inviting you to enjoy company, conversation, and food in the café! In the interim, enjoy hosting the roaches and mice outside our library doors and count the ever-increasing population of rabbits!

Our Purpose!

The primary mission of the Lanier Theological Library is collection and preservation of materials and artifacts for research in the Judeo-Christian heritage and in support of education for Christian ministry at all levels.

Although we acknowledge the beauty of our library and chapel, we cannot possibly provide space and time for the hundreds of requests for photography or private events that we receive. You are welcome to request, but our first priority is to protect and fulfill our stated mission.

Thank you for your understanding.

Welcome to All

As a private library open to the public with a specific focus of study, we provide the best resources and help to all levels of scholarship in our area of focus.

We also strive to extend our hospitality and the unique mission to the public as well. 

We do this in two ways. 

We offer free public lectures and panel discussions with scholars and theologians who tailor their contributions to the public.  

We also provide tours with especially gifted and knowledgeable guides. Tours are requested through our website and are approved in advance.


What is that you ask?

It's the Lanier Theological Library and Learning Center at Yarnton!

Renovations have started on this remarkable property. It's clothed in scaffolding! It will take a year but is going to be worth it!

Our librarians are busy planning for the bookshelves and the books. The architects and managers are busy getting all of the details and replacements just right, and the grounds and associated buildings are getting ready for occupancy.

To the Yarnton Community, we are so very excited about being a part of all that you do!