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TSC_057 Scott Callaham, Learning Aramaic

The Stone Chapel Podcasts

Hosted by David Capes

Dr. Scott Callaham

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Scott Callaham, Learning Aramaic

Scott Callaham, Lecturer in Old Testament at the Baptist Theological Seminary in Singapore, is a friend of the Lanier Theological Library.  He has spent a good bit of time in the library and with our staff as he has been working on his primer for biblical Aramaic entitled Biblical Aramaic for Biblical Interpreters (Glossahouse, 2021).  While the Old Testament  is mostly in Hebrew, there are sections of Genesis, Jeremiah, Ezra and Daniel written in Aramaic, a sister language to Hebrew. Dr. Callaham has come up with an ingenious way to build on one’s knowledge of Hebrew to learn another language, and he stops by to talk with David Capes about it on “The Stone Chapel.”  He also has the distinction of being the first person to write a teaching grammar for Aramaic in Chinese, the language of Singapore.  Soon he begins another project on  He talks about both projects during this 20 minute podcast.  We are very proud of Scott and look forward to having him and his family back to the Lanier Theological Library.


The Stone Chapel Podcasts

The Stone Chapel Podcasts

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