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TSC_067 Roche Coleman, Shame & Guilt Psalm 32

The Stone Chapel Podcasts

Hosted by David Capes

Dr. Roche Coleman

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Roche Coleman, Shame and Guilt in Psalm 32

Roche Coleman is Senior Pastor of the Impact Church in the Woodlands.  He is a frequent patron at the library; in fact, he just finished his PhD at the University of Pretoria spending a good bit of time studying and writing at the Lanier Theological Library.  He joins David Capes on “The Stone Chapel” to talk about his ministry and to talk about his dissertation which we think soon will become a book.  Shame and guilt are “strange emotions” according to Dr. Coleman precisely because they go against the grain of the imago dei(image of God) in us.  We are made for honor and dignity, yet we find shame and guilt to be a debilitating duo when it comes to our lives.  Psalm 32, a Davidic psalm, is written against the backdrop of a time when the king faced soul-crushing guilt over his sin.  But even as it begins in pain; it ends in joy.  For those who struggle with the weight of sin, shame, and guilt, this podcast is for you.


The Stone Chapel Podcasts

The Stone Chapel Podcasts

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