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TSC_083 The Shroud of Turin with Nora Creech

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TSC_083 The Shroud of Turin with Nora Creech

What do you think about the Shroud of Turin?  Is it actually the burial shroud of Jesus of Nazareth or is it a medieval forgery?  Well, Nora Creech has some ideas on it, and she stopped by the Lanier Library recently to talk with David Capes about her research and reflection on the shroud.  She has studied the shroud for decades and believes it is the burial shroud of Jesus.  But for her, it is more than a relic of history; it is a place for meditation on the depth of suffering and death that Jesus experienced for the world.

Every twenty-five years the shroud is put on display at the Catholic Church in Turin, Italy.  But in 2023 a certified replica of the shroud will be put on display as a permanent exhibit at the National Museum of Funeral History in Houston, TX.  For more information, contact the museum through its website at



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