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TSC 044 Scott Harrower, God of All Comfort

The Stone Chapel Podcasts

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Scott Harrower

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Scott Harrower, God of All Comfort

Dr. Scott Harrower, Associate Professor of Theology and History at Ridley College, Melbourne, Australia, has written a timely and significant book: God of All Comfort: A Trinitarian Response to the Horrors of This World (Lexham Press, 2019).  Prior to his academic career, he grew up in Argentina and saw the horrors that went on there.  Then he became a trauma nurse and saw deeply disturbing things.  The world is full of horrors: dismemberment, assault, disease, death.  How do we make it through?  Dr. Harrower has written a terrific book that brings together insights from philosophy, theology, psychology and medical studies.  You need to hear this!  If not now, then one day.



The Stone Chapel Podcasts

The Stone Chapel Podcasts

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