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Fred Sanders


Lecture Listening Guides

by Dr. David Capes

Dr. Fred Sanders

Date: October 20, 2018

“The Triune God of the Bible: Seeing the Trinity in Scripture”


  1. Why is it not enough to trust the tradition, church fathers and the church councils about the Trinity?


  1. In what way is the Trinity linked to the Gospel?


  1. What is found in the Old Testament regarding the Trinity?


  1. What does Sanders describe as the plot summary for the Bible?


  1. What does Sanders mean when he says that Jesus and the Spirit came before the New Testament was written? Why is that important?


  1. Sanders says that Paul, the first Christian theologian and writer does not argue for the Trinity but he assumes early Christians already know it.  Why is that important?


  1. What is not the central event of Christianity?  What is?


  1. In the OT what aspects of God sometimes function as God?


  1. How does the OT figure in early Christians’ reckoning with the Trinity?


  1. As a person reads forward from the OT, who or what are they looking for?


  1. Why is it not enough to proof text the Trinity?


  1. What does John 1:1-3 reveal about the Trinity?


  1. What does Matthew 28:18-20 reveal about the Trinity?


  1. According to Sanders, Trinity is just another way of saying what?


  1. What does Ephesians 2:18 say about the Trinity?


  1. Why is it important to affirm the following?


  1. When Jesus said from the cross, “My God, my God, why are you forsaking me?” what was he not saying?  What was he actually doing according to Mark Lanier?